Important change: our web shop moves today.
New home. Same SUB. A whole new world of beer, many more possibilities.

Love draught? Love craft? Well you’re going to love this
We’re moving to give you an even better beer experience at home. Cake is better with cream. Bangers better with mash. And now your beer experience is about to get better with access to a whole new world of craft and specialty beers.
Everything you love from THE SUB has a new home at Beerwulf.com. As of today you will no longer be able to purchase through the-sub.com but you’ll find everything now available at Beerwulf.com.

Who are Beerwulf and what’s in it for me – I hear you ask
Well just like THE SUB offers your favourite beers on tap, at home, delivered straight to your door – Beerwulf does the same. But instead of draught, they offer over 600 craft and speciality bottles and cans. 600! You can buy everything you love from THE SUB, and discover a whole new world of beer – all available on Beerwulf as of today.

15% commission
The first step is to get the home draught offering live on Beerwulf affiliate publishers in NL, with other existing markets to follow by the end of summer. Great opportunities for publishers like yourselves with commissions between 10 and 15%. Plus, if you change shop-page and links to Beerwulf.com before the 20th of May, you will get 15% commission on everything in May!

Beer packs starting from: 24,95
SUB starting from: 99,-

Explore SUBS via: Explore all beer packs via:

As always, Beerwulf will continue doing what we love to do – offering an increasing range of bottles and cans, as well passionately sharing content and stories of the best beers and brewers of the world.

Succes met de promotie!

Adverteerder: BEERWULF (276060)
Commissie: 5-15%
Website: https://nl.the-sub.com/nl/
Informatie: Bekijk programma informatie