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Our purpose at JUCY has always been and always will be about your journey: giving you the green light to (re)discover happiness. We’re all about enabling experience seekers (that’s you!) to have the adventure of a lifetime while weaving in our core values of passion, pride, family, and fun. That’s why you’ll find us green and bold (why fit in when you were born to stand out?) and why we’re so committed to your total road trip experience beyond simply renting you a vehicle.

Wat biedt Jucy:

  • Uitstekende publishervoorwaarden
  • Hoge AOV van 700+
  • Keuring sales maximaal 30 dagen
  • 8 keer Golden Backpacker Awards gewonnen


Sale: 5% CPA

Veel succes met de promotie!

Adverteerder: Jucy (342659)
Commissie: 5%
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