Effective 8/01/2017 the Microsoft Affiliate Program will be rolling out a Q1 Commission Structure Revamp that will take place immediately.

Our current Microsoft Affiliate Program structure has too many tier structures and we are extremely high on our baseline commission rates; leaving us little to no room for premium commission increases and partnership marketing opportunity.

You will notice a change in Surface commission from 5% to 2% and a decrease in both Office Monthly and Yearly subscriptions by $5. But with this new baseline, we will be able to negotiate better around premium commissions which will give us even more opportunity to work together.

Below is our updated global baseline commission structure:

Category Baseline Commission
First Party Devices:Surface

Gaming: Xbox Console & Games


Service & Accessories

Office 365 Annual $10 Bounty
Office 365 Monthly $5 Bounty
Software-Office (Non-subscription)


-Other Software

Third Party Devices:PC Hardware 1%
Digital GoodsApps and Games Purchases & In-app purchases


Music downloads

Groove Music Pass

TV Shows


We value your partnership with Microsoft and we hope you will continue to work with us and grow the affiliate program. We will be monitoring these changes closely to ensure we are not jeopardizing your program in any way.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly to talk about the premium commission structure and the opportunities around it.

Thanks for your partnership.

Adverteerder: Microsoft (190944)
Commissie: tot 10% CPS
Website: http://www.microsoftstore.com
Informatie: Bekijk programma informatie
Tradedoubler Contact: [email protected]