Dear affiliates,

A new tool is waiting for you on Tradedoubler interface: the deeplink generator!

What is a deeplink generator?
This tool allows you to automatically generate tracked links on our Packages sales booking engine. This way you will have the opportunity to send your qualified traffic directly to our booking engine without redirecting first to our marketing site.

You might increase your chances to make your users convert faster by offering a selection of packages.

Please note that this tool is only available for Packages sales, not for Tickets.

How can I create deeplink?
Connect to Tradedoubler interface.

Select Disneyland Paris program.

Click on « Solutions » tab, then on the button “Deeplink Info”.

The deeplink generator will open on a new window.

The deeplink generator is also available by clicking on the following link:

How to use the tool?
Fill in the form. To note: all fields are mandatory!


– Your affiliates’ ID

– The hotel name or “NONE” if you don’t want to select a specific hotel

– The arrival date

– The length of the stay

– Number of adults

– Number of children or « 0 » if you don’t want to select children

– If you select 1 child or more, insert the birth date Click on « Get the Deeplink » button to generate your deeplink.

A new window will open with the tracked link. Copy and paste this link on your site and increase your conversions!


What can I do if no window is opening?

– Check that no ad block is active. Some ad blocks might block the window.

– Check all fields are filled in.


If you have any question, please do not hesitate in contacting your Account Manager.


Happy affiliation,

Disneyland Paris Affiliation Team