Experience Farm & Play Forest Het Meerdal

Center Parcs will introduce a completely new experience in Het Meerdal. The Experience Farm and Play Forest consists of the full redevelopment of the natural heart of the park with a new concept where interaction with- and immersion in nature is key.

The key elements:

  • Full focus on interaction & immersion with nature
  • Enjoy a rich experience of guided and unguided activities with 1 key focus: experience
  • Be one with nature in an area we gave back to nature
  • Use all senses to realize an immersive experience

As the Experience Farm and Play Forest are a combination between both new facilities and activities, including a Nature Lodge as edutainment center and a dedicated Rangers team that welcomes guests, this experience perfectly blends all aspects of our new CSR Strategy:

  • Edutainment through fun facts, figures: always on a nice way and both supervised as well as self-led
  • Sense through immersive elements, like the brand-new Gardens
  • Experience through a wide range of activities but mainly with real interactions with nature & animals

Experience Farm  (NL: Beleefboerderij; DE: Erlebnisbauernhof; FR: La Ferme du Savoir)

  • An enormous Farm in the heart of the park with: Farm Square: to discover the real life on the farm
  • Gardens: home for herbs, plants and more! With both covered (green house) and uncovered gardens
  • Nature Lodge: your place to start your farm discovery, get edutained or start one of the many activities
  • Farm Buildings: we have two of them! One for small animals and a special and unique home for goats
  • And above all: all areas invite to play, experience, learn and discover! Experience it on your own way.

Play Forest (NL: Klauterwoud; DE: Spielwald; FR: La Forêt des Grimpeurs)

  • A true play experience inside nature! With a wide range of natural (wood, stones and more) play structures, kids climb around trees or enjoy an activity at the Nature Theatre.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in almost all cottages, for all BNGF parks the following rules apply:

  • 1 pet is allowed in a 2-pax cottage
  • 2 pets are allowed in a 4-pax (or more) cottage

No exceptions are being made for more pets in a bigger cottage and pets are not allowed in themed cottages, apartments and hotel rooms.

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash outside the cottages
  • Pets must be reported to the park upon reservation and upon arrival
  • Guests must ensure that the pets are free of vermin
  • Dogs and cats must always have a chip
  • Upon request guests must show the vaccination booklet of the pet

Prices of pets (subject to change)

Pets facilities per park

Pets in Themed Cottages

As of the 28th of March, it is no longer possible to book a pet at a themed cottage in all BNGF parks. Existing bookings with future arrivals will remain unchanged.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are always welcome at all our BNGF parks.

In all cottages assistance dogs are allowed. Assistance dogs are also allowed in themed cottages, apartments and hotel rooms. Assistance dogs are also welcome in all our Central Facilities

For reservations:

Guests with an assistance dog don’t have to pay a surcharge for their cottage. It is only bookable through the Call Center and not via the website.