Spring/Easter briefing Center Parcs

After the winter period, nature will change, and we will move into the Spring season. Everything is starting to bloom, and the weather is slowly improving. Also animals, such as rabbits and birds will be more active in the parcs again! During the Spring season at Center Parcs, a range of special (themed) activities will be organized, like the Kids Workshop: Make your own insect hotel or the Kids Workshop: Make your own mini garden. During the Easter period there is an Egg Hunt and guest can visit/ meet & great the Easter Bunny. Or guests can do the Kids Workshop: Decorate and repot your own flowerpot during Mother’s Day. All information can be found here. There is a specific range of activities for our parks Terhills Resort by Center Parcs & Villages Nature Paris.

  • Orry & Friends: Kids Spring Disco
    • The normal Kids Disco with a touch of spring, and focused on outdoor (Mobile Entertainment). Get together with Orry & Friends to dance and sing along!
  • Kids Workshop: Make your own Insect Hotel
    • During this Kids Workshop, kids can make, stuff and decorate their own insect hotel. This insect hotel is a small variant of the insect hotels we have at some parks. Of course, the kids can take home their new insect hotel.
  • Kids Workshop: Make your own mini garden
    • During the Kids Workshop, kids can make their own little garden with herbs or flowers. The kids can take their little garden home with them and take care of their creations.
  • Kids Workshop: Sustainable Soap Making
    • This Kids Summer activity focuses on creativity, learning and just having a lot of fun! In this activity, the children will make their own personalized sustainable soap, with its own look and smell. This workshop gives children the opportunity to learn more about the strength of raw materials from our nature, such as lavender what can make you relaxed/sleepy or rosemary what can activate/energize you. When the participants take home their own soap, they remind themselves of their time at Center Parcs every time they see/use/smell their soap.
  • Spring Cinema:
    • Naming NL: Lente bioscoop
    • Naming FR: Cinéma du printemps
    • Grab a drink and some popcorn and get together with the whole family to watch a movie outside.
  • Interactive easter bunny cottage
    • During the Easter Period, the Easter Bunny will have his own cottage at Center Parcs; set as a real Easter Factory! The cottage will be divided in a cheerful living room, a workplace, and of course a beautiful decorated garden. The whole will be decorated cottage in a Spring / Easter theme. Besides this, there is always something to explore in the Easter Cottage. Also outside of opening hours, there is something to discover in or around the Easter Cottage. For example: turning on the TV, make a personalized Easter Egg or bake your own Easter cookies.
  • Visit/Meet & Greet with the Easter Bunny
    • In the Easter period families can book a meet & greet with the Easter Bunny at the Easter Bunny Cottage. During this personal visit, the Easter Bunny and Orry and/or his friends welcome you at the Easter Bunny Cottage! After a tour through the cottage, it’s time for an Egg Hunt in the garden. Families can also meet the Easter Bunny at Evergreenz or Market Restaurant on Easter Monday.
  • Egg Hunt
    • In the Easter period there will be an egg hunt organized through the park. Kids can search throughout the park for chocolate eggs.
  • Product offer Terhills Resort
    • Make you own insect hotel
    • Make your own mini garden
    • Workshop: make your own terrarium
      • During this workshop, everyone makes their own eco-system and gets the explanation of the materials used and maintenance.
    • Workshop: The power of beeswax
      • During this workshop, they will learn about the magical power of bees and make candles, lip balm and soap from beeswax. The goal is that at the end of the workshop, guest can take home a set. This will then include a small jar of honey that will be harvested on Terhills itself in the near future.
    • Easter Bunny Cottage
    • Egg Hunt
    • Workshop: Make your own Easter Wreath
      • During this workshop, a unique Easter wreath will be made with seasonal materials.
    • Product offer Villages Nature® Paris
      • Make you own insect hotel
      • Make your own mini garden
      • Workshop: make your own terrarium
        • During this workshop, everyone makes their own eco-system and gets the explanation of the materials used and maintenance.
      • 10km of Villages Nature® Paris
      • Egg Hunt
      • Easter menu at Les Délices de la Ferme

Summer briefing

As of the end of May, the Summer season will start at Center Parcs!Sharing moments together with huge range of activities; some new, renewed and existing ones. All especially for the Summer, outdoors, in/on/around the lakes, sea, beaches or forest. Just like last year, guests can also laugh out loud by watching a movie at our Summer Cinema. Or they can relax on the Summer Hotspot with the ‘Always Buzz’ to create the ultimate Summer experience! Several new Summer Experiences are also added such as: Build your own Binoculars & Nature Treasures Expedition, which is the Free CSR Summer Highlight.

Scope: All villages BNGF (excl Terhills Resort & Sandur)

Product Offer:

  • Summer Hotspot: The Summer Hotspot will be THE place to be this summer! It will be vibrant center of all Outdoor activities that are organized. Set in a beachy/festival setting, a Summer Vibes setting is created where all day long a big range of activities will take place. There will be a mix of free activities such as badminton and beach volleyball or different types of XXL Games at the Summer Hotspot.
  • Summer Outdoor Theater: Grab a drink and some popcorn and get together with the whole family to watch a movie, watch a big sport event or participate in an activity!
  • Water activities

  • Summer Activity Village: At a big range of parks, you will find a Summer Activity Village! This village the ideal setting for kids & families to enjoy a fun range of activities in the outdoors of the parks.
  • Orry & Friend: Summer Kids Disco: Dance & swing with Orry& Friends! On several locations throughout the park, you can enjoy a summerly Kids Disco!
  • Orry & Friends: On Nature Expedition: Go and explore the beautiful green setting of the village under the guidance of our green Ambassador: Bing! With this activity, in a range of small activities, guests get to discover the real green feel of our villages and will get close to it!
  • Hexathlon Sports: Enjoy a range of small free family sports activities organized at the Summer Hotspot. Get fit with the whole family while battling other families!
  • (Renewed) The Water Games: For fun and summer vibes, come with your family to the Summer Hotspot. Challenge each other and play different water games. Who will win most of the games?
  • Getting Fit: Enjoy a morning workout at the beautiful Summer Hotspot. Getting Fit is a small but Family Friendly wake-up moment of the day!
  • (New) Creative Clay Workshop: Bring nature into the kitchen. Go into nature and look for the most beautiful flowers or leaves and stamp them in your self-made bowl, plate or mug.
  • (New) Mix your own Iced Tea: Choose the dried fruits and herbs you want to mix your own tea with. Each blend has a different effect on your state of mind. Will you go for extra energy, or something more calming. After making your own tea, we will prepare an iced tea with a specially made Center Parcs blend from Wilder-Land. You have to taste this one!
  • (New) Nature Treasure Expedition: Will you be the most observant of the group and be the first to find all the animals, insects, plants and other natural materials described on your Nature Bingo Tote Bag? A magnifying glass and binoculars will be available for you, which will help you in this quest. If you get all the points on the Bingo Tote Bag you even get a sustainable price.
  • (New) Build your own Binoculars: Do you want to find the most beautiful butterflies, birds or other animals in nature? Then join this workshop! During this workshop, you will first build your own binoculars and then decorate it how you it the most. For sure you will all find it!